How Your Gifts Will Make a Difference for Mental Health

In our schools and in schools across the country, student mental health continues to be a top priority. Well-being is part of helping students of all ages learn and achieve. Donors are making a difference for students on this important issue, and you can join them.

If if it’s important to you that your charitable giving makes a direct and life-changing impact—keep reading to learn more about the Mental Health Matters Fund.

This permanent fund—supported by alumni, families, businesses and friends—is dedicated to supporting mental health programs in every classroom in the district through:

  • Faculty and staff training
  • Mental health curriculum
  • Awareness programs
  • Direct mental health services for students who aren’t fully covered by Insurance

For example, a partnership with Penn State’s Herr Clinic fulfills a critical need by delivering direct, one-on-one mental health support for students. This innovative relationship expands access to services for students, families, faculty, and staff seeking mental health support. A commitment from the Education Foundation covers the infrastructure that supports 800+ hours of services. As demand continues to increase, this partnership must thrive.

This proactive and innovative approach to mental health support has helped our district make great strides. You can help to keep this positive momentum going. The Mental Health Matters Fund is open to donations of all sizes to make a direct and life-changing difference for students.
You can join State High alumni and other caring donors to make sure vital programs are available to students for their mental health and well-being by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Mental Health Matters Fund.

Together, we can pay it forward so that students can continue to thrive. Click here to make your gift.