How Your Gifts Will Make a Difference for Mental Health

From kindergarten through college, educators are putting an emphasis on student mental health and well-being. Administrators in our district have been ahead of the curve on this important issue, and thanks to your support, they are able to do even more.

Your gifts to the Mental Health Matters Fund are ready to go to work in the coming school year. Donors contributed $50,000 toward the new fund at the Second Annual Maroon & Gray Banquet. Now, administrators have plans for how a portion of those funds—about $15,000—will benefit students.

Remember, you can give to the Mental Health Matters Fund now, or anytime. This fund is permanent and open to donations of all sizes to make a difference for students.

Storytelling to create a positive mental health culture 

The Short Story Book Dispenser engages students and teachers within classrooms to discuss mental health, and write and share their own stories, in an effort to destigmatize mental health and help build a positive culture around the issue. The cost to have the dispenser at the high school and available for events throughout the district will be split between the Education Foundation and the My Mental Health Matters Club, which will engage students to fundraise to cover its half.

This project has the potential to create positive mental health awareness by encouraging students to journal, share inspirational quotes and messages with their classmates, to discuss the stories they read, and in other ways.

Bringing students together around mental health awareness 

The Integrated Mental Health Team, in partnership with the My Mental Health Matters student group, will collaborate to execute events that promote mental health awareness across K-12. Some examples of events at various age levels include discussions with elementary students about sadness being a normal feeling that everyone experiences; and training for students on suicide prevention, including how to get help for themselves or for someone else.

Advice from experts 

Parents, teachers, and staff are in positions to support students in their mental health. Professional development sessions and straight talk presentations from mental health professionals throughout the year will provide education and motivation on important topics like mental health first aid, suicide prevention, trauma, and other issues.

Direct care for students in need 

It’s an unfortunate reality that some families can’t afford professional mental health services for students when insurance coverage runs out or services aren’t covered. The school district has and will continue to provide the extra time and services that it can to students and families facing these circumstances.

Funding from the Education Foundation will help to secure important professional services for students in financial need.

Thank you for making these priorities a reality for students in our district across K-12. Your gifts make an impact.

You can give to the Mental Health Matters Fund now, or anytime. This fund is permanent and open to donations of all sizes to make a difference for students.