Mount Nittany Health Provides Athletic Training to SCASD Student-Athletes

Did you know Mount Nittany Health Orthopedics provides comprehensive athletic training support to SCASD? The athletic trainers are on-site every day to reduce the risk of injury for the athletes they serve, and when an injury does occur, they immediately assess, treat, and refer injuries for specialized care.

After an injury, athletic trainers help rehabilitate athletes and get them back to the sport, work, and life they love. Athletic trainers impact health care through intentional, patient centered, compassionate action.

Away from the playing field, athletic trainers work closely with Mount Nittany Health Sports Medicine physicians and Mount Nittany Health’s Fit for Play to provide collaborative, personalized care plans. Ultimately, the key to treating sports injuries is avoiding them.

One area of concern is concussions. The overall number of high school sports injuries has declined, but the total number of concussions has grown by 87%. Athletes can sustain concussions in any sport. Some high impact sports, like football, account for a more significant proportion of current concussion rates than others. Still, soccer, baseball, softball, and volleyball all have concussion risks. These risks increase during competition when players play harder than they do during practice.

Mount Nittany Health Offers Concussion Protocol Program

Athletic trainers are also critical in identifying and caring for athletes with concussions or other injuries. Mount Nittany Health provides a detailed concussion protocol for student athletes that streamlines the treatment process to ensure a safe and timely return to play.

High school coaches and athletes have become more aware of the seriousness of concussions and proactively work to prevent them. They do things like include low-impact drills, half-speed practices, and teaching athletes to roll properly when tripped or not to lead with their heads when tackling.

Sports are ingrained in our local culture. Athletic Trainers play a critical role in preventing, assessing, and treating sports injuries. Before you get sidelined with an injury, make sure you consult with an athletic trainer.

Mount Nittany Health offers sports medicine at two locations – in State College and Spring Mills. If you or your student-athlete needs a sports medicine orthopedic provider, contact Mount Nittany Health Orthopedics at 814.237.4321 or visit

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