A new opportunity is now available for honorary and donor recognition

Even during its earliest stages, the Education Foundation fielded questions from supporters about name recognition opportunities, such as plaques and signage. Most of these inquiries were based on a prospective donor’s desire to honor a teacher, coach, family member, class, team, club, or alumnus. Since this time, members of the Education Foundation board have worked with district administrators and district board representatives to identify thoughtful ways to fulfill these requests.

One of the most requested recognition locations has been for benches around the State High campus. The district and the Education Foundation have agreed that adding an inscribed plaque to existing or new benches creates a meaningful opportunity to honor donors or individuals identified by donors.

How it works:

· A $3,000 one-time contribution is required to add a name plaque to an existing bench on campus.

· A $5,000 one-time contribution is required to add a new bench with a name plaque.

· Inscriptions for name plaques as well as new benches and their locations must be approved by district administrators and board members.

· Contributions must be directed to:

o The Mardi Lowry McDonough ’87 Student Opportunity & Grant Program

o The Mental Health Matters Fund

o The general fund for unrestricted use by the district to fulfill an area of greatest need

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Executive Director Paul Olivett at (814) 883-8067 or at [email protected].

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