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Community generosity is filling critical needs for district families—thank you.

I’m writing to share an important update on how community support is impacting local families. In the past several weeks, individuals, families, alumni and community members have made generous donations to help SCASD families facing financial strain during this uncertain time. Thank you to all who have made donations to help their neighbors.

So far, more than $22,000 has been contributed to the Education Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Fund, now dedicated entirely to providing emergency support to families in our district. Through an assessment process, the district has distributed nearly all these funds to more than 60 local families.

This emergency funding has helped to cover unique needs, utilities, groceries, transportation to work, and other basic necessities. The emergency fund will now be expanded to support the heroic efforts of SCASD Food Services to provide ongoing meal distribution to district students.

While area non-profits and social service agencies are striving to help everyone who needs it, the district continues to receive urgent requests for help, and our dedicated Food Services team is working harder than ever to make sure students receive consistent, nutritious meals (distributed weekly, with breakfast and lunch for every weekday).

If you are able, please consider a gift to the Mental Health Matters Fund to help provide this emergency support to families and all the students who rely on the district’s meal distribution.

The generosity of our community has been a bright spot in this quarantine journey. In addition to thanking you, I’d like to also acknowledge:

· The food services team, the teachers, the IT team, and the many staff members who continue to work hard and demonstrate incredible dedication to our students and their families.

· Our healthcare providers, emergency services workers, and our local non-profits and community organizations who are going above and beyond.

Thank you for being a partner to the SCASD Education Foundation and for joining in our mission to care for the well-being of our students and their families. I urge you to stay safe and healthy.


Chris Buchignani, President