Spotlight on Mental Health

Mental health in schools has received a lot of press over the past year. On the university, high school, and even middle and elementary school levels, the floodgates have opened to conversations about continually climbing rates of depression and suicidal ideations. At State High, individuals and groups have banded together to create a space for discussion and have begun brainstorming answers to the question, “How can we help?”

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When the Student Becomes the Teacher

Leah Mueller traces her interest in singing back to fourth grade, when she started taking voice lessons. That same year, Mueller was a student at Boalsburg Elementary in David Rockower’s class. Today, she and Rockower are colleagues at Delta Middle School, where Mueller teaches music and theatre.

Unlike most schools, including those within the district, Delta Middle offers a curricular theatre program, which is funded by a private grant. “We are very fortunate,” said Mueller. “If theatre were available during the school day for all students, it would allow most students to experience the joy of theatre, even those who wouldn’t necessarily try it outside of school.”

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A Unique Education: The Delta Program

From Town&Gown

No desks, no dress code, teachers called by first name only, and freshmen taking classes with seniors. Classes such as "Historical Documentaries" and "Fantasy Literature" are mixed in with algebra and geography.

These characteristics are just a few of many that make the State College Area School District’s Delta Program one of the most unique — and perhaps one of the most misunderstood — educational options in the area.

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