Penni has been involved in the school district for many years, serving as a member of the district’s Board of Directors since 2009, and as the School Board president during the two years of referendum communications and vote. She’s also a parent of two State High grads and a longstanding member of the State College community.

What is your connection to the district?
I have served the State College Area School District as a member of its Board of Directors since 2009. I was the School Board president during the two years of referendum communications and vote. As a parent of two State High graduates and longstanding member of the State College community, I’ve also been involved in the school district for many years. My children had a positive experience attending district schools. Both of my children acknowledge that SCASD prepared them well for college. At Easterly Parkway, I served as the PTO president among other positions and volunteered weekly in the classrooms and library. My daughter attended Houserville Elementary for 3-5th grades so I volunteered there, also. I introduced and chaired the first International Fun Night at Houserville. It has become a very successful event with students sharing information and treats from different cultures.

How do you feel the Education Foundation will benefit the school district?

Support from the foundation is a win/win for the community and the district. With the establishment of the SCASD Education Foundation, the district can receive contributions from businesses that are eligible for Education Improvement Tax Credits (EITC). An additional benefit that is increasingly more important is that the SCASD Education Foundation is able to solicit contributions that can directly enhance current district programming and provide resources for current students’ needs.

What do you hope to help accomplish by being a part of the foundation board?

The Education Foundation will enhance the SCASD programming while also engaging more of the community. I see it as a partnership where the foundation board members and contributors will be able to communicate the district achievements and goals to more community members. We need to tell the many wonderful stories of our many programs that are geared to students’ interests and of students’ successes at all levels. The SCASD Education Foundation will also help communicate the district’s educational vision and goals so more community members are engaged and better informed about the district. In addition, the foundation will create more awareness and increase community support around the district.

Do you have a story or experience to share about the district?

Some of my favorite memories were of the plays in Mrs. Wilkinson’s kindergarten classroom at Easterly Parkway with both of my children. The students performed in mini adaptations of Cats, The Nutcracker, and Maurice Sendak’s books. The trip to Gettysburg was also a favorite of mine. In high school, there was the excitement of intramural basketball (T-shirt design and team spirit) and the homecoming parade with the field hockey team. I served as the field hockey booster club co-president when my daughter was on the team.