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    Learn more about how we are shaping the future for our students! Your support can enrich their academic endeavors by supplying innovative tools, resources, and experiences that grow and nurture their skills, interests, and abilities.
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Mission & Vision

  • Mission & Vision


    The State College Area Education Foundation is committed to enhancing the educational experience of students within the State College Area School District by providing financial support for innovative learning opportunities.



    An enriching educational experience that challenges and inspires every student to reach his or her full potential. 

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News & More

  • “Hola” to the Sights and Sounds of New Cultures

    Spanish Club Gives Students Access to Native Speakers, Travel, and More

    It isn’t every day that Americans get to participate in a World Cup soccer tournament, but that’s just what members of State High’s Spanish Club did. With club members staging their very own World Cup on the soccer fields of State High, and battling against the Latin Club students, a fun competition was had by all.

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  • Meet Max Confer: 100-Year-Old SCASD Alum

    On August 20, 2016, friends and family of Max Confer packed Juniper Village at Brookline Senior Living Community to celebrate an incredible milestone: his 100th birthday. But even a grand celebration and three different birthday cakes could never sum up the life Max has lived.

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  • Living and Learning in the 21st Century

    Parents Play Key Role in Helping Students Navigate Appropriate Technology Use

    Like it or not, personal electronic devices have become mainstream, leaving 21st century students, along with their parents, to balance the benefits and negative effects of using smartphones, tablets, and social media.

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The State College Area School District Foundation exists to support major fundraising and ongoing development efforts for the district and its nine elementary schools, two middle schools, and high school. Donations to the Foundation directly benefit students by providing an environment in which skills, interests, and abilities can be nurtured and developed to a higher degree than the regular budget permits.